Australia: Universities of Choice

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The Australian higher education system is composed of an entire sector of universities that provide both domestic and foreign campus opportunities to students from all fields of study. A world of information and practical experiences awaits students as they prepare to extend their classroom knowledge and skills into their chosen profession. Australia’s 39 universities are […]

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

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The University of Melbourne is a globally recognized research exhaustive university with a strong institution of excellence in research, teaching and community commitment spanning over 150 years. This institution of higher education is ranked 37th worldwide according to the Times Higher Education scale. It is a beautiful campus that incorporates modern architecture and sustainable plan […]

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Indigenous Marathon Project’s Footprints

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Footprints is the fundraising program of the Indigenous Marathon Project. With the tag line ” Run, Sweat, Inspire” the Indigenous Marathon Project is the initiative by the Rob de Castella, an Australian World Champion, that annually selects enthusiastic young indigenous men and women from all over Australia to compete in the New York City Marathon. […]


UV Protection Sunglass

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Sunglasses are considered important in maintaining optimum ocular health. It protects the eyes from the brightness of the sun and its harmful UV rays. But in choosing the appropriate sunglasses  one should consult professionals because according to the BC Doctors of Optometry not all glasses are the same. It is for the reason that not all […]


The Biggest Churches In Australia

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Australia is blessed with many beautiful churches. The largest of these being St. Mary’s Cathedral, in Sydney. Its 19th century architecture includes many towers, beautiful stained glass windows, and an awe inspiring pipe organ. The immense window of the chancel is one of the world’s most beautifully designed 19th century windows. It also features a […]

Netball World Cup Sydney 2015

Netball World Cup Sydney 2015

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With the Netball World Cup Sydney 2015 only 35 days away, some exciting announcements have been made by the 16 competing nations, as they confirm their teams and final 12 players listed to compete in Sydney. On Friday 7 August, NWC2015’s Opening Ceremony will feature over 400 performers and members of the netball community. This […]

Kings Canyon Australia

Things To Do In Kings Canyon Australia

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King’s Canyon is located in the Northern Territory of Australia and is part of the Warrtaka National Park. The Canyon sits on the western side of the George Gill range and lying between the famous Alice Springs and Darwin. There are three walls surrounding the Canyon, each lying over 100 meters high with king’s creek […]


Top 10 Youth Experiences – Tasmania

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It is little wonder Tasmania is now high on most people’s bucket list. Not only is it famed for its world- class wilderness experiences, rugged and ancient natural beauty, it is also has a thriving creative culture, a rich history of convicts, miners and whalers and fabulous food and wine. Don’t just take our word […]

Australian Outback, Alice Springs

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If you enjoy the natural beauty of the land take a Safari tour to the Tjuta or Ayers Rock and spend time in the beautiful surroundings of this natural Australia. The tourist attraction in the interior of Austria which is Alice Springs began as Stuart. This now, flourishing city was once a small telegraph station, […]

South Australia – You Must See it to Believe it!

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South Australia is a magnificent place to visit and tour because of its abundance of wildlife, Outback and wine. Experience authentic Australia by touring Kangaroo Island which is known as Australia’s Galapagos. The island provides a variety of interesting and fascinating wildlife, history, outdoor activities, and food. Seal Bay Conservation Park is home to a […]

Giant earthworm of Gippsland

Giant earthworm of Gippsland

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There are over a thousand species of earthworm residing in Australia, but none of them are as unique and magnificent as the giant earthworm of Gippsland. The scientific term for this creature is Megascolides Australis. These earthworms are called giant because of the length of 1 meter, although they are only 2 cm in width […]

cheap flights to exotic destinations

Diverse range of destinations

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Australian travellers are blessed with having such a diverse range of destinations, right on their doorstep. A short flight or chartered boat will see you discovering some of the most breathtaking locations in the world, including the South Pacific, captivating Asia or one of the natural wonders of the world. Whatever your travel style, you […]

Live the Dream on the Gold Coast!

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Atlanta hotels are among the most astounding in the world, and the world knows it. In 2005, Surfers Paradise was granted the unique distinction of housing the tallest residential apartment building in the world. The Q1 tower holds 526 apartment units on 80 floors. It also holds conference facilities, ground floor retail outlets, a sandy beach […]

Most common types of motion sickness

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The most common types of travel sickness include car sickness and air sickness. These maladies affect over half of the population in varying degrees. While there is no proven cure for these types of travel sicknesses, there are steps that travelers can take to reduce their symptoms. For instance, passengers can ride in the front […]

Melbourne region directory: Fitzroy

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Fitzroy is the heart of Melbourne’s bohemian culture.  It has significant shopping, dining and entertainment experiences to offer. Visitors should try to visit during Melbourne’s Fringe Festival, which takes place in Fritzroy. There are a number of small art and photography galleries around town and live music is common in bars, pubs, clubs and cafes. Visitors […]