Australian Architecture

A World of Spacious Seascapes and Contemporary Traditionalism

The grand cities of Australia each have their own unique character. Most are set on the water, but they all have their own special mix of old and new. Where we see high rise skyscrapers blending in with Victorian and Georgian architecture, there are modern architectural centrepieces to behold.

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Adelaide accommodation


Thanks to Brad Murray we have this piece: The demand for education has increased over the recent past. This has also led to increased demand of accommodation especially with the international students coming in. With the thousands of students enrolling at international level institution, they often have to move out of their home country for study.

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Caloundra Hotels and Accommodation

caloundra-hotels-and-accommodationCaloundra, Queensland, Australia is a lovely, charming seaside city of 20,000 on the more southern coast of Queensland. It is on the southern cusp of what is considered the beginning of the Sunshine Coast. Caloundra is a popular vacation destination and holiday resort area, and has a great variety of hotels and resorts for the holiday traveler. Whatever accommodation any traveler might desire, Caloundra has it – from luxury resorts to more frugal hotels.

Australia’s Top Destinations

The land down under, the island continent of Australia has a little bit of something for nearly everyone. You cannot visit this gorgeous country without having the vacation of a lifetime. Concerned about airfare to Australia? Do not worry; there are many affordable and at times cheap flights that you can purchase to get to this amazing location! Below are some of the top destinations in Australia. Sydney Harbor and the Opera House.