Alice Springs Desert Park

The Alice Springs Desert Park is an ideal epitome of the well known and vast Australian desert environment and its populace. It contributes to a great extent to the preservation and conservation of the scenic Australia’s desert ecological unit. The park’s precise, rightful and suitable location, coupled with its superior scientific work and its appearance and interpretation are very elemental.

The park’s locality is of excellent and great importance to the local Arrernte community and their rich culture, and extends to parts of Arntwere and Yeperenye Altyerre (feral dogs and caterpillar dreaming stories). Thus, the desert park endorses an element of realism and sensitive insight to the Aboriginal culture by exhibiting and interpreting the customary usage of plants and animals with the indulgence of the native groups. This course of action has resulted to traditional wardens of the park site with a common and strong sense of delight and possession in the attraction.