Australia For The Entire Family!

Australia is one of the most remote western countries, and ironically, also one of the most popular places to visit. It is known for many things, including its extraordinary landscape, beautiful beaches and its laid-back cities, and compared to other Western nations, Australia seizes the imagination unlike any other country. Its landscape offer the kind of highly diverse, natural beauty that cannot be experienced in any other part of the world, and if you’re thinking of taking a holiday this year, it’s a great destination for the entire family.

Its appealing climate comprises of seasons which are distinctively opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, not to forget its unique collection of fauna which is definitely worth seeking out. In fact for most visitors, Australia has become a classic shorthand for endless summers, where adventures are as vast as the horizon. If you are planning to travel to Australia, then these four destinations should at the top of your bucket list.

Sydney Theme Parks

Sydney is the country’s largest and oldest city, and is located in the state of New South Wales. The most generous of gifts bestowed on its very backyard are the wonderful theme parks, and Wonderland Sidney, Wet’n’Wild and thxe Luna Parks are just a few of the stand-alone parks in the country.

Wonderland, for example, is the largest park in the southern hemisphere, whereas the construction of Wet’n’Wild Skycoaster, is known to be the largest attraction of its kind in the world. The parks boast of fabulous amusement rides which include, but not limited to, Dragon’s flight, Great Balloon Race, Antique Autos, Jousting Ring, the Little Monster Flying School, Magilla Gorilla’s Flotillas, Skyhawk and Skyway just to mention but a few.

Bizarre Geological Features at the Outback

Australia’s vast and fabled desert is one of the most iconic sceneries in the country, and it spreads towards the west of the Great Diving Range up to the country’s epic interior. Australian outback is a place where plains stretch to eternity and where visitors can yarn forever.

However, even in the scorched arid land, you will find lush green waterholes, purple vegetation, cinnamon red hills, rustic pubs, fiery sunsets, Aboriginal carvings and dinosaur footprints. Here, deserted gorges, vivid blue skies among other bizarre geological features forms a unique ecology that for over 70,000 years, has been the host to the world’s oldest surviving human cultures. At the outback, a new adventure surely awaits you at every turn.

Surfing World Tour on the Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is a modern city of glittering high-rise buildings, which is built around superb beaches such as the world’s renowned Surfers Paradise. This coastal city is the second most populous city in the state of Queensland, the most populous non-capital city and the sixth most populous city in the country.

Today it is a major tourist destination mainly because of its surfing beaches, its sunny subtropical climate, the high-rise dominated skyline, nightlife, canal and waterway systems and its rainforest hinterland. The 2018 Commonwealth Games host consists of a 57 km coastline with the most popular surf breaks in the world including, The Spit, Main Beach, Mermaid Beach, Miami, Stradbroke Island, Surfers Paradise, Palm Beach among others.

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