Camden Acres – Australia’s Forgotten Destination

Girl-at-green-grass-field-in-sunset at Camden AcresCamden Acres has rich traditions and the surrounding area offers many historic places and building to explore. Belgenny Farms is located near Camden Acres. This farm was built in 1805 by the Macarthur family after the land was granted to them by Lord Camden. After arriving in Australia in 1790 The Macarthur family began producing wool, growing grapes and wheat, and running dairy farms. Soon after taking possession of Belgenny Farms the family started a commercial vineyard and winery on the farm’s grounds. Hundreds of years after it was built Belgenny Farms is still standing, and the vineyards and winery are still procuding wine. Every September the hold the Wine Festival at the farm where visitors can sample wines and tour the farm grounds and the farm house.

There are many other historical sites in the vicinity of Camden Acres that are open to visitors. Gledswood Homestead and Winery was built by pioneering wool producers in 1810 and is now owned by people who are dedicated to preserving the homestead and the way life was lived on it 100 years a go. This is an excellent place for families to come to sample traditional Australian barbeque, play in the hilly parklands, and learn how to throw a boomerang or milk a cow. The winery also provides wine samples for adults.

Other historical sites near Camden Acres include Camden Saleyards, where livestock auctions are held every Tuesaday and Wednesday. Visitors can observe or even take part in these auctions, which have not changed in many years. After the auction stop by the Camden Valley Inn and enjoy a pint in this English style pub which was built in the 1930’s. A trip to the Camden Visitor Information Centre can provide you with information about the area, as well as a change to see an example of the architecture from the 1890’s, which was when the centre was built. The Visitors Centre has lovely grounds with picnic facilities which would be a great spot for a birthday part or family get together. End your day at Macarthur Park-the gardens date back to 1906 and are a lovely place to stroll and relax.

Camden Acres offers all that it great about country life, but it is still located close to city ammenities. From Camden Acres you can access shopping, school, hospitals, and golfing in a short amount of time. Camden Acres is a perfect blend of country life and city life.