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Melbourne region directory: Fitzroy

Fitzroy is the heart of Melbourne’s bohemian culture.  It has significant shopping, dining and entertainment experiences to offer. Visitors should try to visit during Melbourne’s Fringe Festival, which takes place in Fritzroy. There are a number of small art and photography galleries around town and live music is common in bars, pubs, clubs and cafes.

Visitors interested in history will be pleased to know that many of Fitzroy’s buildings and sights are protected and the city is involved in the historic preservation of the area. Edwardian and Victorian design can both be found.

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Top 3 Holidays for Nature Lovers in Australia

Australia is one of the best destinations around the world, particularly for lovers of nature. From the infamous Australian Outback to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the spectacular views from the Great Ocean Road, the choice for travellers is virtually limitless. One of the best things about a nature holiday in Australia is that the range of sites and landmarks is abundant in variety. Whether coastal regions or arid deserts are your taste, you’ll find your dream destination in the Land Down Under. For some great inspiration, when planning your next vacation, be sure to check out these magnificent natural wonders. Continue reading Top 3 Holidays for Nature Lovers in Australia