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Palm Cove Hotels

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Australia’s Queensland area is full of natural wonders living in harmony alongside modern conveniences. From the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, to the mountainous tropical rain forest, there is little doubt of Queensland’s beauty. The city and outlying towns offer shopping opportunities, spas, casinos, and local wines to sample. Whatever your travel needs, when […]

Sunshine Coast Accommodation

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Australia’s Sunshine Coast is one of the most premier vacation destinations in the world. With its miles upon miles of pristine, sandy beaches, its crystal clear, warm waters and its many fun and exciting attractions, the Sunshine Coast has a lot to recommend itself to vacationers. If you are lucky enough to be planning a […]

Things to see

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Urunga is a tiny village situated on the north coast half way between Brisbane and Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. The name for Urunga, long or white beach, is taken from the Aboriginal language. This enjoyable town between the Kalang and Bellinger Rivers is an ideal spot for hikes along the shores, for surfing […]

Urunga Heads Holiday Park NSW

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Urunga Heads Holiday Park, located in the coastal town of Urunga, is on the North Coast of New South Wales. It is about half the distance between Sidney and Brisbane. The park is the perfect place for a holiday trip all through the year because of its comfortable summers and gentle winters. It is suitable […]


Great Roads in Australia to Drive Before You Die

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Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and every weekend thousands of families pack up their car, take to the roads and head towards their favourite cities, beaches or National Parks for fun and adventure. If you’re a tourist, however, and you’re new to the vast roads of Australia, taking to […]

Urunga, New South Wales

Urunga, New South Wales

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Urunga, New South Wales: The Perfect Place for Stress Recovery A wonderful way to cope with health problems or the stress of everyday life is to schedule a visit to Urunga, New South Wales. Urunga is a hidden seaside resort town that is known for its tranquility and great fishing ground. Located far away from […]


Visiting Sydney

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Sydney, Australia’s Harbor City, is the country’s largest and most international city. As Australia’s oldest city, it has the status as a center of history, culture, and dining. Visitors will take pleasure in the seashore and beaches. Sydney’s city center is compressed and then encircled by suburbs. The city center is home to government and […]


A Golfers Dream at Camden Acres

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If you have ever dreamed of living close to a golf course, in the country, but within a stone’s throw of city conveniences, then look no further than Camden Acres. At Camden Acres you can lace up your golf shoes and walk out the front door, straight onto the links! Camden Golf Club (Studley Park) […]

Girl-at-green-grass-field-in-sunset at Camden Acres

Camden Acres – Australia’s Forgotten Destination

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Camden Acres has rich traditions and the surrounding area offers many historic places and building to explore. Belgenny Farms is located near Camden Acres. This farm was built in 1805 by the Macarthur family after the land was granted to them by Lord Camden. After arriving in Australia in 1790 The Macarthur family began producing […]

remote Australia

Tips for driving in remote Australia

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Australia’s remote wilderness areas have few towns and facilities and often have large distances between them. If you are planning on driving in remote parts of outback Australia you need to be prepared. Issues can arise when driving in remote Australia because of the extreme heat, difficult terrain and large distances between towns and petrol […]

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

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Diving and Snorkeling Adventure in Queensland To have a Diving & Snorkeling Adventure in Queensland is the first thing when you think about the Australian continent or making a list of what to do in an Australian tour. Australia is a country where the names of most of the places begin from the word ‘Great’, […]

1770 Camping Grounds

Agnes Water – 1770 Camping Grounds

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Camping, fishing, water activities and more are available to travelers who want to take quiet time to enjoy the best of Australia’s outdoors at the 1770 Camping Grounds. Located right on the ocean in Queensland, the 1770 Camping Grounds are a prime place to relax and have fun in a beautiful setting. There is something […]

Dangerous Sea Creatures

Dangerous Sea Creatures

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Australia, also known as the biggest island in the world, is home to some pretty exotic flora and fauna. The diversity is truly astounding. However there are a few things that need to be known about wildlife on this continent, especially if you are planning to go for a swim in the sea. Some of […]


Visit Sydney, the Culture Capital of Australia

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Australia’s largest city, Sydney, is also its center for culture and industry. It is home to the world famous Opera House and the picuturesque Sydney Harbor Bridge. In 2000 it played host to the Summer Olympic Games. Historically, it was home to the first penal colony in Australia and was once part of the British […]

Coolangatta, Australia

Coolangatta, Australia’s favorite playground

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Come play in Australia’s favorite playground! The pristine ocean that surrounds cool, beautiful Coolangatta is one of the most desirable attractions in the world. This Gateway to the Gold Coast receives sunshine an average of 300 days a year, so anytime is a great time to visit. The beaches offer some of the best surfing […]

park in brisbane perfect for picnic

Picnic in the Park

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  In the fast moving world people wants to get away temporarily from the hustle bustle of the busy life. Picnic is definitely the best way to move away and enjoy the fancies and superfluities of life. Picnic in Australia can be enjoyed in weekend when families and friends get together to enjoy their life. […]

outback road

Driving in the Outback – and not Dying from It

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Driving through Australia is something to be savoured. This is one way to experience the wide open spaces and stunning natural scenery, and many destinations can only be accessed by car. If you’ll be around for no more than three weeks, a car can be rented, while if your stay will last for more than […]

broken hill living desert sculpture park

Broken Hill’s Tourist Attractions

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Broken Hills is a mining town in the outback of New South Wales, Australia. Captain Charles Stuart is credited with naming this town as “Broken Hill” ion the mid 19th century ( The city council has named a popular park “Stuart Park” in his honour in the city). BHP Billiton the Anglo Australian mining giant, […]

country girl

Broken Hill

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Broken Hill is a very old miming destination in the country of Australia. It is situated in the New South Wales and has been a thriving mining destination since its establishment in 1883. This old town is home for many artists which have resulted in the establishment of plenty of galleries in the place that […]

car Sydney airport

Looking for car hire Sydney airport Service Online

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There are different reasons why people travel. If you are among those who travel for exploring a certain place then you need a car hire Sydney airport service. They are present to make your travels a lot easier and would help you explore a certain city to the fullest. It would be more convenient for […]


Australian Lamb Chops

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Australian lamb chops are famous all around the world. It is a well known fact that Australians make great lamb chops. Here is a recipe that will tell you the secret. Ingredients Jelly or Currant Jam – 2 tablespoon. Ketchup – 2 tablespoon. Soy Sauce – 2 tablespoon. Honey or Brown sugar – 2 tablespoon. […]


Top 3 Holidays for Nature Lovers in Australia

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Australia is one of the best destinations around the world, particularly for lovers of nature. From the infamous Australian Outback to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the spectacular views from the Great Ocean Road, the choice for travellers is virtually limitless. One of the best things about a nature holiday in Australia […]

lambs brains at Restaurant Lurleen’s Sirromet Winery

Review Of Restaurant Lurleen’s Sirromet Winery

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The Sirromet Winery in Mount Cotton is situated between Brisbane and the Golden Coast and has won in excess of 385 international and local awards since it opened in 2000. This beautiful family run complex is also home to Lurleen’s Restaurant which produces Modern Australian cuisine. The restaurant sits at the top of Mount Cotton […]