Melbourne region directory: Fitzroy

Fitzroy is the heart of Melbourne’s bohemian culture.  It has significant shopping, dining and entertainment experiences to offer. Visitors should try to visit during Melbourne’s Fringe Festival, which takes place in Fritzroy. There are a number of small art and photography galleries around town and live music is common in bars, pubs, clubs and cafes.

Visitors interested in history will be pleased to know that many of Fitzroy’s buildings and sights are protected and the city is involved in the historic preservation of the area. Edwardian and Victorian design can both be found.

Travel is a bit quirky since some visitors may not be used to the one-way street patterns that are prevalent in Fitzroy and it’s difficult to find parking on many of the more popular blocks. However, there are three trams that can help visitors who decide to leave the driving to someone else and enjoy more of the city on foot. There’s also the bicycle share program that allows visitors to borrow a bike and drop it off at certain bike racks around the city. When booking your hotel in Melbourne with Expedia, take into consideration how much money you will save if you rent a bike versus taking a taxi everywhere.