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No Crash Landing – How to Fly High and Arrive Refreshed

If you have ever stepped off a long-haul flight exhausted, slightly ill and seriously jet-lagged, then you know just how uncomfortable and trying these experiences can be. Whether you are flying to Europe, Asia or North America, you will undoubtedly be spending several hours on a small and often cramped airplane seat. The temptation for many people is to try to make the time pass by in any possible way. Unfortunately, that could mean sipping alcoholic drinks during the flight or even taking prescription medication to sleep. These might seem like the easy way out, but if you can stay strong and pick up some healthy habits instead, you will arrive in much better condition. Here are some of the top tips for arriving refreshed and healthy after a long flight.

Start Out Rested

You might be one of the passengers who thinks that arriving for a long-haul flight when exhausted means that you can catch up on some sleep. That is a popular notion, but it is ultimately incorrect. The rest that you might get on the flight will not be as satisfying or as beneficial as a normal night of sleep in your own bed, which means that you should show up for the flight as rested as possible. Arriving tired, and then not sleeping adequately on the plane, just sets you up for serious jet lag or fatigue when you arrive at your destination. Continue reading No Crash Landing – How to Fly High and Arrive Refreshed