The Australian Business Awards

The Australian Business Awards is an award that has annually been awarded to companies that have established themselves as market leaders in their fields through achieving outstanding results by adopting innovative marketing strategies and flawless their execution. The Australian Business Awards 2012 considered several companies in different industry categories for various projects, marketing campaigns achievements and contributions to relevant industries over the past fiscal year. Winners were as follows:

Deloitte Australia was awarded for exemplary execution of their “What’s Your Deloitte?” marketing campaign that promoted their Green Dot logo through using several media and active participation by the Deloitte staff. Deloitte offers accounting and auditing services to clients and were impressively committed to the campaign that lasted 6 months.

Dejan SEO was awarded for their revolutionary advanced keyword calculator that has proven to be quite a success in boosting traffic volume to sites for their clients. The keyword calculator which had taken 2 years of research to bring to the forefront has proven to be quite a worthy investment.

Bayer CropScience was awarded for its great service to agriculture after they launched their “Growers Edge” online initiative tool that enabled them to directly interact with farmers in the viticulture and sugarcane segment and thus providing them with personalized information on their farming needs. Bayer CropScience is an industry leader in crop protection, seeds and plant biotechnology.

Green General Foods received an award for their marketing of the Greens and Popping brands that enabled them to achieve great awareness in the market. The company that is known for providing baking mixes, cereals, and microwave popcorns among other products is a shining light in the food manufacturing industry.

Realmark Real Estate stood out in the real estate category for their outstanding performance in marketing commercial properties and management service for property owners.
Troppas White Group were awarded for their excellent restaurant management and catering service after their 22 years of exemplary performance in the hospitality and catering industry.
Queensland Rail was awarded for great service and support to the public in the Rail and Passenger Transport category.

And that is the list for the Australian Business Awards 2012 winners. Registration is now open for the 2013 Awards.