Things To Do In Kings Canyon Australia

King’s Canyon is located in the Northern Territory of Australia and is part of the Warrtaka National Park. The Canyon sits on the western side of the George Gill range and lying between the famous Alice Springs and Darwin. There are three walls surrounding the Canyon, each lying over 100 meters high with king’s creek being at the bottom of the gorge. For those interested in quite peaceful holidays, king’s Canyon resort is just what you have been looking for. The Canyon is a perfect tourist destination for hikers, couples, travelers and even family vacations. What makes this area famous are the fun filled and challenging walks though there are also other attractions on the Canyon.

There are certain features that make it so attractive, adventurous and a favorite for tourists. First and foremost, The Canyon Rim walk is a must for every visitor to this place. This 6km walk normally takes 3-4 hours and requires a great deal of fitness. The walk is not so difficult as there are steps along the way to ease movement. The ground becomes more even at the top of the canyon, exposing to you the lost city and the Garden of Eden among other beautiful features.

Kathleen Springs Walk. This 2.6 km walk normally takes just a couple of hours (1.5 hours to be more precise) and is ideal for starters and those interested in the fun part of it. The walk starts from the King’s Canyon national park entrance and along the way you get to see some members of the Aboriginals who traditionally inhabited this land.

The Giles track is an overnight walk and normally takes a total of 2 days. This is for those experienced bush walkers though. The walk connects Kathleen springs and the rim walk moving atop the ranges. This is the longest of the walks at 22km and the most challenging.

Private tours can also be organised for you. There are so many tour companies that will offer professional guides to take you around the Canyon or you can book helicopter tours around the Canyon to get a breathtaking aerial view of the area. There are also quad bike rides as well as camel rides offered by some of the tour companies.

Apart from the walks and tours, King’s canyon is famous for its good dishes. There are numerous eating places providing some delicious and juicy desert meals for everyone. So apart from only enjoying the walks, spare some time and also tour the various food joints and explore their rich menus. Some of the best places include The Bistro, Kings Creek station just to mention a few.

Accommodation is also readily available at the place. The major place is the Kings Canyon Resort which offers the best accommodation. However, there are other smaller caravans available and wilderness lodges also provide abode for tourists. For those who love camping, the Canyon is just the ideal place with lots of locations and facilities available for camping. The people are also very hospitable and ready to help you whenever the need arises.

For those looking for a very thrilling and fun filled adventure, then you might consider holidaying in King’s Canyon and believe me you will leave the place with a lot to cherish.