Visit Sydney, the Culture Capital of Australia

Australia’s largest city, Sydney, is also its center for culture and industry. It is home to the world famous Opera House and the picuturesque Sydney Harbor Bridge. In 2000 it played host to the Summer Olympic Games. Historically, it was home to the first penal colony in Australia and was once part of the British Empire, which left a cultural footprint on the country and gave the city a British Heritage.If you plan on enjoying a visit “Down Under” to the country of Australia, Sydney is a great place to start. You can stay in Sydney Hotels. With its proximity to the Pacific ocean, you are within driving distance to the beaches near the sea where you can enjoy time in the sun and snorkeling within the safety of the Great Barrier Reef, where you will see much exciting sea life. Nearby are also several National Parks and other great places you may enjoy. You are also a short drive from its famous “outback” where you can take a guided “walkabout” through the “bush,” as the locals call it, and enjoy viewing the famous kangaroos and the shy koala bears, as well as an occasional crocodile.If you plan on enjoying these beautiful sights, search the internet for cheap flights to Sydney. Because of its location near the ocean, Sydney has a tempreate climate, making it a great place to visit and find available cheap flights any time of the year. Because Southern Hemisphere seasons are opposite of the Northern Hemisphere seasons, a trip to Sydney may be a welcome reprieve to the sometimes cold and wet Northern Winter months.